vendredi 30 mai 2008

RUSH UP! New Schedule! July-September 2008


NISI MASA FRANCE rusharing project “ RUSH UP ! “has been postponed!
It finally take place between July and September 2008 !
That sounds better... doesn’t it?

So, here’s the new basic schedule:

- 20th of July :
Deadline for entries (Application form + 1h MiniDV tape of rushes)
20th to 31st of July :
Mailing of the working tapes to selected participants
1st to 31st of August :
Creative editing and mailing of finished movies by participants
11th of September :
Paris Meeting: Arrival of the participants and public screening of their movies
12th and 13th September :
Paris Meeting: Initiations and Mini-Workshop about Recycling Moving Frames (Vjaying, found footage, collective cine lab, author’s rights legislation,...)
14th :

Go to the following link to download the Application Form & Info:

Presentation of RUSH UP ! + Application form

Please share this new info all around you!
We absolutly need your help to put diversity and quality inside the project!

Thanks a lot!


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