jeudi 28 août 2008


The European meeting organized by NISIMASA FRANCE with the support of "Label Paris Europe" (Mairie de Paris) and Avid, will take place in Paris from the 11th to the 14th of September 2008. Here is the schedule:

Thrusday 11th of September:
Meeting at the Maison des Initiatives étudiantes (3rd). Presentation. Lunch in the Marais.
Preparation of the screening (pitches and technical material). Short workshop about Law and Images in recycling creations (made by Hanna Mouchez).
In the evening, public screening of the 8 movies, resulting of the exchange. At 8.30 PM in an alternative venue called Les Voûtes. Each movie will be presented by its 2 co-authors (cameraman + editor). The screening of the 8 RUSH UP movies will be followed by a 30 minutes retrospective of an experimental French filmmaker, Olivier Fouchard, organized by The Collectif Jeune Cinéma (see detailed program on the flyer). We will have a discussion and a nice time during the dinner in the garden.

Friday 12th:
In the morning, visit of the movie laboratory L'abominable in Asnières (92) a center of experimental cinema in Paris. We will have a Pic nic on the terrace of the place. In the afternoon, free time or walk in Paris on a movie topic ("New Wave in Paris" or "Places of contemporary French cinema", by Anne Reverseau).
In the evening, initiation to « Found Footage » (recycling of video images) by Pierre Wayser ( in Les Voutes, followed by a dinner in a restaurant and a collective Birthday Party (for Gianluca, Marcel and Paula).

Saturday 13th:
In the morning, free time to visit
galleries and art exhibitions (if interested, guided tours of Cesar exhibition in Fondation Cartier or Miroslav Tichy in Beaubourg, on the topic of recycling).
In the afternoon, intensive shooting session for a collective movie that will be edited by Bruno Herlin, digital artist, about an African sculptor, Malam, in Le Pont (alternative venue under a bridge), in alternance with an initiation to VJing (real-time image mix) by Laurent Carlier.
Evening at La Ferme du Buisson (Noisiel, 77): art installation, several concerts, movie night (screening of "Entre les murs", winner of the Palme d'Or 2008, by Laurent Cantet, and other short movies). See

Sunday 14th:
In the morning, visit of the
Melies exhibition at the Cinémathèque (12th) followed by a good-bye picnic in the beautiful garden of Bercy...

Thanks a lot to the "Rush Up team" of NISIMASA who organized this event:

Clément Juillard, Patricio Lopez, Hanna Mouchez, Delphine Pinatel,
Maryline Poux,
Anne Reverseau and Gianluca Zerial.

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